Jobs & Careers

Hassabo International Hospital (HIH) is considered an integrated health environment. We provide medical care to patients with different medical conditions through our various medical specialities. We are the prime resort for patients and the top choice for many employees.

Know more about vacant jobs at the hospital, experience the variety of services that HIH provides and find the perfect environment to learn from and put your experience.

Hassabo international hospital is one of the first and most compelling hospitals in Nasr City, Cairo. We are proud of our employees who enhance this success. We are seeking the best – we want you to join us!

Advantages for employees

Working at Hassabo International Hospital has numerous benefits. Besides the salary, benefits and meaningful work at the hospital, we also offer convenient services & facilities for HIH’s staff such as, health insurance, catering services, accommodation and opportunities for training & development.

Salary and pension

We offer challenging positions and performance-based salaries to our employees.


Health of our employees is our main concern. We provide specialized Medical Service to the staff to promote and assure health and safety in workplace.


HIH is located in the centre of the city where there is an easy access to it by public transportation. In addition, Cairo has plenty of cultural sightseeing and entertaining areas.


Fully-furnished and hospital-based rooms are provided by the hospital for some of its employees.

Working times

Flexible workload and working hours enable our employees to regulate their work/life balance. In addition, we provide compensation for extra hours.

Training & Development

Integrated training programs are set up for the benefit of our employees, which represented by qualified teachers. These programs include occupational, vocational and academic training and further education.

Personnel committee

We have personnel committee in the hospital who always support and cares for the interests of employees in all jobs at the Hospital according to legal requirements. It encourages cooperation between the management in the hospital, other leadership areas, and employees of HIH.

The personnel committee is ready to receive any suggestions and criticism, especially issues concerning organizational, accident prevention, legal problems of the staff, further training and leisure activities. Representatives of all professional groups at HIH join to establish the personnel committee.


Where to find Us

We serve patients throughout New England and around the world. Whether you’re visiting one of our community locations or coming to our main campus, we look forward to serving you.

HIH Values

The staff at HIH operates on the basis of our values. Our values lead us towards providing high quality healthcare services to our patients. These values have always been highlighting the path we should follow to become a leading organization with high standards that satisfy our clients. Here are a number of values that we believe in:


Teamwork is a primary factor in our success. It is critical for us to have strong relationships among our staff. In addition, having strong ties with other medical facilities means better experience resulting in better services offered to our patients.


1- Equality of service. All our patients receive the same level of dedicated service no matter what.

2- We try to satisfy the needs of our patients, whether these needs are physical or emotional.

3- We are aiming to serve our patients in a highly sensitive and caring manner.


The staff at HIH is always eager to implement ways that gain patients and their families trust. Having an ill person in a family means a lot of stress to the family members. Our staff is particularly trained to deal with patients and their families in the time of stress with due respect and dignity. This makes the hospital experience more comfortable and less strenuous.


The hospital is striving to achieve the needs and requirements of our community, via creativity, innovation and collaboration.


Hassabo international hospital is privately-held, independent healthcare provider. Despite appreciating cooperative relationships the hospital is recognized and applauds being independent.

Quality and Safety

HIH follows international standards of quality and safety in patient care. Our goal is to provide our patients with highest level of healthcare service by making sure that a patient understands his/her person safety and quality guidelines the hospital follows.


The hospital vows to provide healthcare services to the community with dedication and commitment. HIH staff aims to satisfy the needs of every patient within our facilities.To ensure the consistent quality of service, the hospital follows its own set of SOPs (Standard Operation Procedures) which are derived from healthcare accreditation standards. We consistently improve our service using feedback from our clients and internal employee’s appraisal system.

Patient-centered care

Our main motive is to satisfy the needs of every patient in our hospital. We aim to build an ongoing relation with our patients based on trust and satisfaction


The hospital believes in exchanging experience among healthcare organizations in order to promote the overall services provided to the patients


The hospital acknowledges and appreciates individual variations and considers them upon taking any action

Organizational Ethics

The hospital is driven by ethics that ensure fairness, respect, and prosperity for every individual.

Superior performance

Our objective is to do our best in every aspect of patient care we are involved into, to ensure delivering healthcare services of the highest standards to our patients.

Our Culture

Excellence is not just supported. It is anticipated at each point of service. We provide exceptional and high-quality services, as well as professional care at every level during your stay at the hospital, starting from your admission to the time of your discharge. In addition to an integrated follow-up program under the supervision of a professional team of doctors & nurses.

In order to achieve that, all staff join constant education programs and re-evaluating processes to assure delivering the best personal care services to patients and their relatives.