Neurology Department

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It is our pleasure to welcome you to Neurology Department at Hassabo International Hospital. We are committed to providing compassionate and quality care to our patients. We aim always to have a patient centered approach and to make personal care a reality at every interaction.

Our Neurology Department is well equipped and staffed to be specialized in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases that affect the brain and nervous system.

About Department

Our Department of Neurology is committed to two missions which are interrelated and of the same value:

  • Providing state of the art quality patient care
  • Providing services with the highest professional standards

We have an incredible team of neurologists, nurses, neuropsychologists, therapists, who strive to provide a better experience for the patients and their specific conditions and needs. It is an honor to say that we are in collaboration with other surrounding diagnostic and specialized health care centers to ensure offering state-of-the-art facilities and procedures for managing patients with neurological diseases.

What is Neurology?

Neurology is a branch of medicine concerned with the nervous system and its diseases.

What is a Neurologist?

A neurologist is a physician fully trained to be able to diagnose and manage the disorders of the nervous system.

Need a Personal Health Plan For Your Health?

Need a Personal Health Plan For Your Health?

About The Clinic

When you schedule your appointment, we will ask you to provide important information that will help us evaluate your current condition:

  • Be prepared with the questions you want to ask
  • Bring a notebook and pen, we encourage you to take notes
  • If this is a follow up visit, you have to remember to write down the changes you have experienced since your last visit.
  • All records that refer in any way to your condition
  • A complete list of your medications
  • All prior medical records, including x-ray films, biopsy reports, lab and/or pathology records
  • Any necessary referrals or prior authorization required by your insurance company

The disabilities caused by the disorders of the nervous systems may be irreversible in many cases. So, it is not wise to wait until your condition is morbid. Early management can prevent your condition from getting worse.

Specialists in the Neurology Clinic are pioneers in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of disorders from cerebrovascular disease from headaches to nerve injuries. In the Neurology Clinic, Patients undergo a comprehensive evaluation before being referred to a neurologist who specializes in a specific condition

Questions & Comments

Our first mission is to give you a satisfactory service. Your satisfaction is our responsibility.
If, after reading this guide, you still have any comments or questions, please feel free to ask any of our staff members, the Specialists, nurses or even receptionist in our department. They will do their best to give you more information or arrange an appointment for you with the Consultant or rheumatologist.
We would be happy if you could let us know whether you are satisfied about our care. For this purpose, a visitor’s book & evaluation form are available in each unit of our departments. We would like you to write down your comments, experiences and/or suggestions for improvement, so that we can share this with our staff members. This data may help us to improve our service at the department.

The Medical Director /patient & care provider service center can be reached on


or via the e-mail address:

Our Mission

Physicians and staff members in the Neurology Department in HIH their first and last job is to provide the most updated and comprehensive care available. In addition, our goal is to continue educating patients and their family members to help them gain a solid understanding of all care provided and procedures performed. Visit our Department of Neurology with any questions you may have.