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Hassabo International Hospital (HIH) believes that health education is a primary aspect of promoting health and wellness within the community. HIH caters to various specialties that give you a healthy lifestyle.

Our Medical Specialties

HIH focuses on following healthcare specialties to educate you for a better lifestyle and promote wellness. Our center has blogs, articles, videos, and other content to educate you on these specialties:

If you seek ways to live a healthy and happy life, taking care of your heart is essential. HIH has specialized training that helps you learn about handling heart-related issues.

HIH has specialists for dental issues to take care of mouth-related diseases and treatment of oral conditions. Whether it is a bridge or a denture, our professionals can educate you accordingly.

HIH has professionals for skin care and dermatological issues for healthy and glowing skin. Scars, acne, or any other issue is no problem for us, and we have the best material available to educate you.

Emergencies can happen anytime, and we have experts on standby to handle any emergency issue 24/7. From accidents to care service, we have everything available to help you prepare for emergency center management.

Hormonal issues and changes are a natural part of human life where we go through certain changes. Experts at HIH have the necessary knowledge and training to help you learn about these hormonal changes and handle any underlying issue.

ENT or issues of ears, nose, and throat are common problems that happen. It is an uncomfortable experience if anyone has ENT-related conditions. Our training material educates you in If you have issues of ears, nose, and throat, we have the best ENT experts available to cater to your conditions. Feel free to consult and take advice from our professionals for the best learning experience.

Gastric and digestive issues are common problems that people face regularly. Our learning and education center trains you in handling these issues with ease whenever and wherever needed.

Surgical specialties focusing on abdominal contents such as the esophagus, stomach, small/large intestine, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, appendix, bile ducts, and thyroid glands need special training and experience. Our education center helps you build experience and prepare yourself if you wish to engage in any general surgery procedure.

Kidney failure, issues, and other diseases are among the most complex human anatomy procedures that need specialized training. Here at HIH, we give you the best education that helps you gain knowledge of the procedures involved in kidney function and management.

Neurology is the specialization in dealing with conditions and diseases concerning the central and peripheral nervous system. It is one of the most vital parts of the body and needs special learning, which HIH professionals of brain issues provide.

They are managing and handling child issues during and after birth. Both mothers and children experience some birth-related problems during or after birth. HIH professionals equip you with the essential knowledge to handle birth-related injuries and keep your child or mother safe.

A healthy lifestyle needs a nutritional diet and properly planned meal schedules. HIH professionals related to dietary expertise teach you to become experts in nutritional values and plan them for the clients.

Women face several issues during pregnancy that needs special care and consideration from a physician’s side. Our experts give you proper education and training to help you cater to these pregnancy-related issues and comfort mothers for the coming days.

Surgery and medicine are dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases. Eye diseases and sight issues are also common problems in people. Our experts teach you how to deal with such optical issues and help others manage their eye-related problems.

Bone and skeletal structure is the essential part of our existence that needs a strong foundation. They become brittle and weak with time and need specialized treatments. HIH education center gives you knowledge about handling such bone issues and surgery expertise for handling musculoskeletal system and injuries

Pain is a natural part of human existence that needs relief treatments remedies. Our professionals and pain management experts educate you for relief medications, mind-body techniques, and other remedies

Children face immediate issues after birth, and sometimes new parents also have various concerns regarding the health and safety of their babies. Our team of pediatrics will teach you basic and advanced techniques to diagnose and treat issues of infants.

Plastic surgeries and facial reconstruction have become a common choice for people looking for changes in their appearance. Our plastic surgery experts give you the training to handle the procedures involved and give the results according to the client’s expectations.

Lung and respiratory-related diseases are uncomfortable experiences that need proper treatment. Clients require experts in these conditions that our professionals can train you to become. Our education center has the best training material to mold you into an expert on these issues.

Joint issues are common in old and older adults that can compromise their mobility and lifestyle. Our experts teach you to provide solutions and treatment to the elderly and give them a better life ahead.

Issues with the urinary bladder and tracts are also an issue that can emerge anytime and gives rise to multiple diseases or infections. Our education center gives you the training to handle these issues with utmost care and professionalism.

Venial issues and associated problems with blood issues. We teach you to become the best in vascular diseases to provide effective care and consultations to people with these problems.

Providing High-Class Medial Support

HIH is dedicated to offering a high-class and quality medical care and support system for clients. No matter your condition, our skilled professionals are here to help you out.

Healthy Body Brings Happiness

A healthy body is the sign of a happy life, and HIH is committed to providing you with just that. Our expertise is available for you to benefit from and make a change in your health and lifestyle.

Insurance Coverage

HIH offers medical insurance coverage through multiple companies. Please go through the list and contact our finance department to use your insurance coverage.

HIH – Promoting Better Health for a Better You

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